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If I had received feedback sooner, we totally could've been home within like three days. That probably would've gotten some kind of recognition. Maybe. Doubt it. Whatever. We're home, that gorgeous kimono is dust in the wind (literally), and I totally got to do things my way got to test out some fantastic new equipment. I have presents for people. Come to my cabin to get them.

Oh, and I came home to something really awesome.


So, yeah, Sanada totally fried the repaired ones. Five bolts took them out. Pretty sure he was only going at 70% to make sure I wasn't affected, but still. The first one wasn't a bad drop, maybe slowed me down a few seconds, but the gap was much larger the more he managed to hit. Which, I admit, was totally my fault because I was prodding and I wanted him to see if he could pinpoint the bolts. I've left them in your little room in the library. I promise no one saw me do it. But get to them whenever. Sanada’s not going to be willing to do that again for awhile.

Oh, I also left all the footage and my notes from the quest. I imagine you stole all the photos of geisha!Hirakoba off my phone already, so I didn't feel the need to leave those for you. Did you get the boxes I had sent?


Niou, are you okay now that we're back? Like super mega okay?



I’m calling that spar a draw. But the look on your face when I pushed the wheelchair aside to stand up was absolutely priceless. Surprise! Not even Hades can stop me.

When are you going home for kendo? I have something I want you to give your grandfather.

And if not for that idiot Aphrodite camper, would you have ever said anything?

Also, ♥

(ooc: STRIKES DELETED // GIFTS: fuji: cactus; niou: shiny blue hair things & some candies from kyoto; sanada: yukata 1 and yukata 2; kirihara: candy from kyoto; zaizen: mochi from kyoto; mizuki: this higasa; echizen-sensei: kyoto sake; shiraishi: a narcissus plant - b/c it’s poisonous)
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