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We get a power boost, which is great, but really? No control? I really don't like not being in control. This is bullshit. I might as well just stay in my cabin and prevent anyone from coming around me since I have no way of making sure not to use umbrakinesis on the people I actually like.

Tokyo was awesome. Sanada didn't electrocute anyone, but he did complain about the authenticity of the outfits at the photo place. I totally expected that and dressed up anyway. I kind of like the ponytail they put my hair into, so I put it up again while I did some painting and it works really well when paired with my headband.

Halloween was mostly good. Oshitari... you did a good job on the costume. I'm not sorry for punching you though.


Was that a date? It could've been a date. I mean, I was going to drag him there regardless of what happened before that idiot Aphrodite camper's birthday... Pretty sure we aren't boyfriends. Maybe he didn't mean it like a love confession thing. Not going to ask right now though. I'd probably end up knocking him out for at least half a day with how out of whack my umbrakinesis is. ...and just when I was really getting the hang of it too.

(ooc: in case you want to know, sanada & yukimura went here on thursday // strikes/private are hackable if zaizen tries hard enough)
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