Dec. 12th, 2015

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I really don't like that this time of year is the busiest for my dad. I thought about going home for a bit over Chrismas, but it's just a bad time. Plus, my sister and Niou's brother are going to be doing cutesy couple things and ugh, do not want to be around that. Also, my step-mom's family is visiting and it's always super awkward. They have no idea what to make of me. I'm pretty sure they think I'm weak considering the whole wheelchair things since they've never seen me when I'm 100%. Ah well, their loss. At least they can't be upset that their poinsettias are slowly dying. It's a really neat party trick, watching them flip out over the flowers dying. I only put life back into them because dad tells me to.

Niou, when do you want to go to the cat cafe?

Screened to Sanada )

(ooc: all strikes deleted // since it was niou's 20th birthday on the 4th, the other half of yuki's gift was getting niou's family to come to the nearby town to celebrate it)


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