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If I had received feedback sooner, we totally could've been home within like three days. That probably would've gotten some kind of recognition. Maybe. Doubt it. Whatever. We're home, that gorgeous kimono is dust in the wind (literally), and I totally got to do things my way got to test out some fantastic new equipment. I have presents for people. Come to my cabin to get them.

Oh, and I came home to something really awesome.

Private to Zaizen [Unhackable] )


Screened to Niou )


Private to Sanada [Unhackable] )

(ooc: STRIKES DELETED // GIFTS: fuji: cactus; niou: shiny blue hair things & some candies from kyoto; sanada: yukata 1 and yukata 2; kirihara: candy from kyoto; zaizen: mochi from kyoto; mizuki: this higasa; echizen-sensei: kyoto sake; shiraishi: a narcissus plant - b/c it’s poisonous)
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I hate this stupid season. I don't care if the food is good. I really miss the whole not-feeling-weak thing.

Winter vegetables have been planted. There's still some time left to plant for a early-December harvest, so if there's anything the Demeter cabin or me didn't plant, let us know. This year we have:

- Swiss chard
- Sugar snap peas
- Kale
- Cauliflower
- Cabbage (Napa, Red, Savoy, Hakusai)
- Pak choi
- Mustard (Komatsuna, Mizuna)
- Daikon
- Jagaimo
- Kabu
- Yam
- Gourds (squash, pumpkin)
- Karashina
- Adzuki beans (as requested by Zaizen)


Niou, are you feeling better?


Happy birthday, Kirihara.

(ooc: strikes deleted // yuki got kirihara some pokemon thing -- you can decide what)
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Happy birthday Tezuka-kun. I hope your birthday is quiet and relaxing.

Kirihara-kun, are you alright? Maybe Saturday's spar was a bit too much.

(ooc: yukimura got him a brand new pair of bonsai trimmers and an ornamental pot in case tezuka wants to transfer his precious to a larger container)
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Happy birthday Kirihara-kun. I hope you don't mind that I didn't give you anything yesterday when I came back to camp. I figured doing it today would be better. There was also that surprise party that completely threw me off. We can spar whenever you'd like.

Sanada, Renji, Niou - I have things for you. Come by later.

(ooc: this is Kirihara's birthday present. oh, and a flower crown // strikes deleted)


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