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Spent the entire day in the garden. My step-mom is getting quite good at cultivating the azaleas, but I think that might be more my dad's influence than mine. We went to the nursery after my dad got off work and spoke to the owners. I wish I could volunteer again, but I don't get to come home often enough to do it. That said, they're more than happy to fulfill my weird plant desires. I will probably be bringing back a Venus flytrap with me.

Dad's also going to take me to his office over the weekend to look at what he's been working on. I think he's stuck on something and thinks I can help. I've never really seen what he does since there's not like, billboards and stuff at camp. It's kind of exciting.

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My dad sent me this picture and told me to look up Bernini. While I don't exactly enjoy the subject matter... my gods that is one of the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen in my entire life. Look at his hands and fingers where they meet her skin. It's absolutely stunning. I literally sat there staring at it for a good fifteen minutes from every angle I possibly could.

He's a horrible enabler because now I desperately want to carve something out of marble. It's probably a long shot, but I will give a great reward to whomever can get me a 500lb block of white or grey marble. Obviously, it has to be a reward I can easily get you. If not, no worries. I'll find some larger rocks when I can start running again and sculpt those into something.


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I have a sibling that isn't my sister. That's all I have to say about that. I'd apologize if any of you lost your senses for a bit, but I'm not in the least bit sorry.

It took some time, but I managed to move all of the plants and my art supplies. After so long with no siblings, I kind of completely took over the cabin. He had a bed until I finished which is more than generous if I do say. On the plus side, I found a few sketchbooks that I thought I had lost, three sets of watercolors, and the sable hair brushes my sister got me a couple of years ago for my birthday. Since the acrylics are still drying, I'm going to play around with some techniques I've been reading about.

I can't believe Renji left. He's a jerk for not telling me in advance. I emailed Renji and totally reamed him for it. Truthfully, I think he's doing something stupid with that book I brought back for him and lake Mnemosyne. Fruitless questing.

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Thank you so much for delivering the canvases to my sister, Kamio-kun.

I think she really liked them because she sent me an electric blanket. Who told her Sanada wasn't here? It's been useful, but hard to tell if I've kept it on too long, so I've been limiting myself to an hour at a time. Mainly only during times when I'm painting.

Filled up another sketchbook. Granted, there's more than a few pages of fruit still-lifes, but I used colored pencil this time around which worked out pretty well even though the subject material was boring. This year I want to do some work with living canvases. Dad sent me some new acrylics. When it gets warmer, I'll need a few volunteers. If you have a broad back, I'd really appreciate if you let me paint on you.

Oh, Mizuki-kun, those mochi were absolutely delicious and very easy to manipulate into little faces. Could I get a mini batch?

Edit: Renji, have you come out of the library yet? I miss you.

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Niou and, it seems, the entire Aphrodite cabin have taken to strolling about the camp in the nude due to the intense rainbow-ification of camp. As a lover of art, there is a surreal beauty in all of this which is why I ask a favor of my fellow campers.

Follow their lead.

For starters, it would save your clothing. Secondly, you would be greatly aiding in filling my sketchbook with drawings of the human form. The various colors can cause quite the contrast, especially on the more chiseled of us.

I can't offer much in exchange except I won't use you for plant strength practice for a week.
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I spent most of the weekend painting. Most everything is starting to bud or blossom, which makes for lovely landscape pieces. I plan on sending a few home to my little sister. It would be nice to go visit since it's almost her summer break, but I'm not sure that's the wisest idea right now.

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