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Christmas was great even though most of the food was terrible. The desserts were fantastic, so thank you Mizuki and the rest of the Demeter cabin. New Year's Eve wasn't too bad either. I think I expected something to happen. Like a cabin catching fire or Tooyama breaking through a cabin roof. I don't know. It just felt a little underwhelming.

My sister told me all about her New Year's Eve date with Niou's brother when we had a Facebook chat the other night. Everything in excruciating detail. I should have recorded it and made you listen to it, Niou. It was absolutely dreadful.

Shiraishi, how do you feel about solar panels on the greenhouse roof? Only in certain areas, so the plants still receive all the sun they need.

Screened to Niou )
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The path to the main building is lined with red poinsettias and the Ice Age tulips. Don't let your pets eat them. I won't be held responsible if they get poisoned since I warned you in advance. I managed to get some ivy to grow up the columns and curl slightly around some of the lights.

Atobe-kun, I planted a few of the Ice Age tulips around your cabin. Please try not to cover them in ice. Mizuki-kun, how are the ones I gave you holding up?

My dad sent a few more bulbs, but he didn't label them. His letter said the nursery owners wanted to play a little game with me since they haven't seen me in awhile. My dad has the answers and told me I have until Christmas to give him my guesses. It's kind of amusing, but a good exercise. I kind of wish I could go home for the holidays, but my sister is going on a school trip to Niseko and my dad's been working too much a lot, so there's not much of a point if I don't get to see them.

I also got all the presents I'm giving out, so if you're going home for the holidays, come see me and I'll give it to you early.


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