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I got so distracted with the coming of spring that I missed my close friend's birthday. I'm terribly sorry, Shiraishi, but I hope the gift I have for you more than makes up for it.

In other news, I spoke with my sister. She's still with her boyfriend. They're happy, so I'm happy. She let me know that all my flowers are doing well and that my step-mom hasn't killed any. Though, I'm pretty sure that's because my dad nicely convinced her to let him handle it.

I also got to talk to him. He wanted to know how it was here, did I get to see the sakura, how Sanada and I were doing, if I was going to come to visit soon, whether or not I'd ever get to come back home permanently, how my paintings were progressing... I didn't make any promises about coming to visit though I did say I was hoping to do so in the near future.

I'm not sorry I let the sakura stick around a bit longer than usual. They're just too beautiful to let go after only a couple of weeks.

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The trip back home was nice. It was so good to see my dad. Plus, I was terribly homesick for some reason. Of course, my sister was absolutely thrilled to see Sanada. I'm convinced she likes him more than me.

Sanada's grandfather liked the pottery I got for him from when I was in Kyoto. I had sent something after I got back, but I kept some just in case Sasuke proved to be a walking typhoon. This time I threatened to break his Playstation if he broke or killed anything. I gave Sanada's mom some Alstroemeria and tended to the plants that Sasuke hadn't destroyed.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. A bit short, but there's really nothing I could have done about it.

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Christmas was great even though most of the food was terrible. The desserts were fantastic, so thank you Mizuki and the rest of the Demeter cabin. New Year's Eve wasn't too bad either. I think I expected something to happen. Like a cabin catching fire or Tooyama breaking through a cabin roof. I don't know. It just felt a little underwhelming.

My sister told me all about her New Year's Eve date with Niou's brother when we had a Facebook chat the other night. Everything in excruciating detail. I should have recorded it and made you listen to it, Niou. It was absolutely dreadful.

Shiraishi, how do you feel about solar panels on the greenhouse roof? Only in certain areas, so the plants still receive all the sun they need.

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I really don't like that this time of year is the busiest for my dad. I thought about going home for a bit over Chrismas, but it's just a bad time. Plus, my sister and Niou's brother are going to be doing cutesy couple things and ugh, do not want to be around that. Also, my step-mom's family is visiting and it's always super awkward. They have no idea what to make of me. I'm pretty sure they think I'm weak considering the whole wheelchair things since they've never seen me when I'm 100%. Ah well, their loss. At least they can't be upset that their poinsettias are slowly dying. It's a really neat party trick, watching them flip out over the flowers dying. I only put life back into them because dad tells me to.

Niou, when do you want to go to the cat cafe?

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(ooc: all strikes deleted // since it was niou's 20th birthday on the 4th, the other half of yuki's gift was getting niou's family to come to the nearby town to celebrate it)
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My sister had me take this quiz as soon as I walked through the door. I am a DEP (Dandelion, Echinacea, Peppermint) – tough, protective, and unflappable. I think that’s pretty spot on. My sister is a CDS (Chamomile, Dandelion, Slippery Elm) – easy-going, tough, talkative. If you know my sister, this is definitely true and she wouldn’t be my sister if she wasn’t the first two.

That was an unexpected trip home. My dad decided to take vacation before my sister started the next term and emailed me a bus ticket home. Like I was going to say no. So I spent a lot of time at the nursery with dad, attempting to stalk my sister on her dates (successful three out of five tries), and trying to ignore the occasional tingling in my legs fixing up the garden. My step-mom is pretty handy with herbs, but not the flowers my dad tends to bring home. Of course, I made flower crowns for my sister and her friends for some group date thing. (This was one of the ones in which I wasn’t successful.)

I also taught Sanada’s sister-in-law how to make a few vegetarian meals if only because it’s amusing to hear his brother whine about not getting enough meat in his diet. Sasuke and I fed the koi. It’s amazing how easily he does what you tell him when you threaten to tell on him to his mom if he acts up. Poked at the garden while Sanada’s grandfather played shogi. Neither him nor his opponent seemed particularly bothered when I had the wisteria bloom a bit more. Sanada’s mom was thrilled though. Apparently, it wasn’t blooming as well this year for some reason. All good now though.

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Dad's been busy lately, so I haven't gotten anything new lately, which is both annoying and helpful. Annoying in that I want to try different things; helpful in that I can train with the stuff he's already sent. For example, I've managed to make the thorny vines actually release their thorns. I haven't tried this in training or combat, so I don't know how fast they go. Maybe it depends on my mental state when I decide to release them.

Six weeks. Spring and summer have gone by way too fast for my liking.

I'm considering making a quick trip home after Obon. Maybe a long weekend or something when my dad is more available. As much as I love the nursery, it's not as much fun if he's not there helping too. Though, I suppose I could just crash my sister's dates and make sure the plants at Sanada's house haven't been destroyed by Sasuke the Tornado.

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I'm bored. Someone entertain me before I try to turn camp into a tall grass maze filled with traps.

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That was not the length of trip I had in mind. Barely an entire week. Stupid fury attack. On the plus side, I got to see my sister and spend a lot of time with my dad. I have a few bulbs of chocolate cosmos that I absolutely can't wait to plant. I was home a little over two weeks last time and nothing happened.

Anyway, I have souvenirs from my trip home, so if I got anything for you, come by my cabin sometime in the next week. Sooner, preferably because I have quite a number of large stuffed animals from Cosmo World that are taking up space on one of the spare beds that I normally use as art storage.

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Spent the entire day in the garden. My step-mom is getting quite good at cultivating the azaleas, but I think that might be more my dad's influence than mine. We went to the nursery after my dad got off work and spoke to the owners. I wish I could volunteer again, but I don't get to come home often enough to do it. That said, they're more than happy to fulfill my weird plant desires. I will probably be bringing back a Venus flytrap with me.

Dad's also going to take me to his office over the weekend to look at what he's been working on. I think he's stuck on something and thinks I can help. I've never really seen what he does since there's not like, billboards and stuff at camp. It's kind of exciting.

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My dad sent me this picture and told me to look up Bernini. While I don't exactly enjoy the subject matter... my gods that is one of the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen in my entire life. Look at his hands and fingers where they meet her skin. It's absolutely stunning. I literally sat there staring at it for a good fifteen minutes from every angle I possibly could.

He's a horrible enabler because now I desperately want to carve something out of marble. It's probably a long shot, but I will give a great reward to whomever can get me a 500lb block of white or grey marble. Obviously, it has to be a reward I can easily get you. If not, no worries. I'll find some larger rocks when I can start running again and sculpt those into something.


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Valentine's Day was enlightening. I saw things I never thought I'd see, only hear about, so it was generally an amusing evening for me. I received a wonderful cake with beautiful calligraphy. The frosting was put to good use. I wrote my own calligraphy with it.

My sister had a wonderful time on her date. I can't wait to see her next month. It will be fantastic. I should be walking again by then. Unless Hades is a dick and it lasts longer. I'd really rather not be a burden at her junior high graduation.

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Thank you so much for delivering the canvases to my sister, Kamio-kun.

I think she really liked them because she sent me an electric blanket. Who told her Sanada wasn't here? It's been useful, but hard to tell if I've kept it on too long, so I've been limiting myself to an hour at a time. Mainly only during times when I'm painting.

Filled up another sketchbook. Granted, there's more than a few pages of fruit still-lifes, but I used colored pencil this time around which worked out pretty well even though the subject material was boring. This year I want to do some work with living canvases. Dad sent me some new acrylics. When it gets warmer, I'll need a few volunteers. If you have a broad back, I'd really appreciate if you let me paint on you.

Oh, Mizuki-kun, those mochi were absolutely delicious and very easy to manipulate into little faces. Could I get a mini batch?

Edit: Renji, have you come out of the library yet? I miss you.

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