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Niou and I are making a surprise visit home for our sibling's junior high graduation. Lucky them that they actually got to attend their graduation instead of being at camp. I can't wait to see them though, I haven't since I went home in September. Skype just doesn't make up for it. Plus, dad said we could go to the nursery. They've got a small shipment of chocolate cosmos bulbs on the way and are pretty sure they'll arrive while I'm there. I've been wanting one so long. Best belated birthday present ever.

Sanada, Mizuki-kun, Shiraishi-kun, Fuji-kun... can I count on you all to watch over my plants while I'm away? I have the watering cycle written up and I've spent the last few weeks reorganizing my plants so it'll be easier to make sure none of them get under or over watered. I set the lights on a timer for the ones that need the sun but can't yet be put outside. If there's anything I can pick up for you while I'm in the Yokohama area, just let me know.

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I talked to my dad about things and he thinks it would be a good idea to come home for a couple of weeks. Just to see if maybe my doctors there can do something. We both know it won't, but I imagine he feels a little better about the entire thing if he attempts to do something. On the plus side, I get to see my little sister.

In my absence, I humbly request that no one kill my plants. Shiraishi-kun, Mizuki-kun, Fuji-kun... if you would be so kind as to look over the outdoor plants, I would be very appreciative. Niou, I trust you to take care of the ones in my cabin since I assume you'll stay there while I'm gone to keep the bed warm for my return. I will miss you and your warmth.


Oshitari Yuushi, you will come to my cabin some time this evening. I have to talk to you.


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