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I got so distracted with the coming of spring that I missed my close friend's birthday. I'm terribly sorry, Shiraishi, but I hope the gift I have for you more than makes up for it.

In other news, I spoke with my sister. She's still with her boyfriend. They're happy, so I'm happy. She let me know that all my flowers are doing well and that my step-mom hasn't killed any. Though, I'm pretty sure that's because my dad nicely convinced her to let him handle it.

I also got to talk to him. He wanted to know how it was here, did I get to see the sakura, how Sanada and I were doing, if I was going to come to visit soon, whether or not I'd ever get to come back home permanently, how my paintings were progressing... I didn't make any promises about coming to visit though I did say I was hoping to do so in the near future.

I'm not sorry I let the sakura stick around a bit longer than usual. They're just too beautiful to let go after only a couple of weeks.

(ooc: yuki got shira oleander seeds - every part of the plant is toxic :D // strikes deleted)
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To my second most favorite person in the world that isn't related to me by blood: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I know you're probably spending your birthday with Tezuka, so I'd like to steal you for a little bit on Sunday, if that's okay with you. I left part of your present in your nest, but you'll get the other part when we celebrate your birthday.

Screened to Sanada )

(ooc: the first gift is a voucher for 10000Y to a cat cafe in tokyo so niou can drag tezuka there -- if he so chooses)
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Screened to Sanada )

(ooc: yukimura exhausted himself growing a pine tree from a cone he "borrowed" from the gardens at Kenroku-en when they were in Kanazawa -- that's why he's been relatively quiet lately)
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Happy birthday Shiraishi-kun! I have a few special iris bulbs for you. Since I'm not there to give them to you in person, I left them on your workbench in the greenhouse. I hope you like them.
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wen i was home w my family i miss u very much plz come play wth me an SUPER STRONG vine friends I THRO YOU VERY FAR OK???????? mYBE you cant walk after idk… :)

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Happy birthday, Niou. You'll have to come inside to get your present.

Screened to Tezuka )

(ooc: niou now has a small tree in which to sit located in the persephone cabin)
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Happy birthday Tezuka-kun. I hope your birthday is quiet and relaxing.

Kirihara-kun, are you alright? Maybe Saturday's spar was a bit too much.

(ooc: yukimura got him a brand new pair of bonsai trimmers and an ornamental pot in case tezuka wants to transfer his precious to a larger container)
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Happy birthday Kirihara-kun. I hope you don't mind that I didn't give you anything yesterday when I came back to camp. I figured doing it today would be better. There was also that surprise party that completely threw me off. We can spar whenever you'd like.

Sanada, Renji, Niou - I have things for you. Come by later.

(ooc: this is Kirihara's birthday present. oh, and a flower crown // strikes deleted)
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Happy birthday Renji!!!

This would've come sooner, but double training is exhausting. I probably shouldn't have made that kind of deal with Genichirou. What was I thinking?

Whenever you wake up, just meet Sanada and I at the edge of the courtyard and we can start your celebrations.

(ooc: strikes deleted // yukimura got him a super nice fountain pen, some notebooks that he hopes renji doesn't burn in offering to his mom, and green tea cake via marui)
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Happy birthday Sanada!!! I'm very glad you haven't been sent to Tartarus by wood nymphs the monsters that want us dead. I'd give you my dessert today, but I promised to give them to Niou until his detention is over.

Screened to Sanada )

(ooc: yukimura's present is a particularly strong grouping of bamboo grown by him & a new shinai // french is happy birthday // strikes SO deleted)


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