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If I had received feedback sooner, we totally could've been home within like three days. That probably would've gotten some kind of recognition. Maybe. Doubt it. Whatever. We're home, that gorgeous kimono is dust in the wind (literally), and I totally got to do things my way got to test out some fantastic new equipment. I have presents for people. Come to my cabin to get them.

Oh, and I came home to something really awesome.

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(ooc: STRIKES DELETED // GIFTS: fuji: cactus; niou: shiny blue hair things & some candies from kyoto; sanada: yukata 1 and yukata 2; kirihara: candy from kyoto; zaizen: mochi from kyoto; mizuki: this higasa; echizen-sensei: kyoto sake; shiraishi: a narcissus plant - b/c it’s poisonous)
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Kyoto is beautiful this time of year. I'm really glad I brought my sketch book. There is a ton of inspiration. See?

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The area we stopped at for the night only has one good thing going for it: picturesque. Other than that, it's boring and I'm not nearly as warm as I would prefer to be. Why couldn't Sanada be on this quest?

On the plus side, only two monsters. That wasn't even a warm-up.

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Welcome back, Sanada, Oshitari-kun #1, and Oshitari-kun #2. It's nice to see you all in one piece. The branch you picked is quite aesthetically pleasing. I wonder if it is still available to draw. The picture does not do it justice.

Renji, I need a favor that requires your patience.

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