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In honor of the first day of spring aka the day I really start to feel like myself, I decided to exercise my abilities since they're stronger.

I took the blue delphinium seeds Shiraishi gave me for my birthday and brought them into full bloom this morning. They're so beautiful. I absolutely love them.

Tezuka, we're still up for a spar tomorrow, right?
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If I had received feedback sooner, we totally could've been home within like three days. That probably would've gotten some kind of recognition. Maybe. Doubt it. Whatever. We're home, that gorgeous kimono is dust in the wind (literally), and I totally got to do things my way got to test out some fantastic new equipment. I have presents for people. Come to my cabin to get them.

Oh, and I came home to something really awesome.

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(ooc: STRIKES DELETED // GIFTS: fuji: cactus; niou: shiny blue hair things & some candies from kyoto; sanada: yukata 1 and yukata 2; kirihara: candy from kyoto; zaizen: mochi from kyoto; mizuki: this higasa; echizen-sensei: kyoto sake; shiraishi: a narcissus plant - b/c it’s poisonous)
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Dad's been busy lately, so I haven't gotten anything new lately, which is both annoying and helpful. Annoying in that I want to try different things; helpful in that I can train with the stuff he's already sent. For example, I've managed to make the thorny vines actually release their thorns. I haven't tried this in training or combat, so I don't know how fast they go. Maybe it depends on my mental state when I decide to release them.

Six weeks. Spring and summer have gone by way too fast for my liking.

I'm considering making a quick trip home after Obon. Maybe a long weekend or something when my dad is more available. As much as I love the nursery, it's not as much fun if he's not there helping too. Though, I suppose I could just crash my sister's dates and make sure the plants at Sanada's house haven't been destroyed by Sasuke the Tornado.

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I'm bored. Someone entertain me before I try to turn camp into a tall grass maze filled with traps.

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My dad has been tending to my azaleas since I can't be there and they finally bloomed. I was slightly concerned they wouldn't since I was having trouble with them the last time I went home.

Azaleas! )


Lately I've been doing more endurance and weapons training. After reading Kuwahara's post, I decided to try working with short-range weaponry considering that my abilities allow for more long-range combat. If anyone wants to practice with me, I'd appreciate the help.

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I've considerably calmed down now that my bathroom is in proper working order now. To a select few of you, I apologize if there were any ill-effects from my mental outburst.

It looks as though the plants are getting the proper amount of water thanks to Atobe-kun. I think your tutelage helped greatly, Fuji-kun.

That said, I've been trying to keep my hands busy since a portion of my daily gardening has been borrowed. I made flower crowns for a few of you, mainly to test the strength and longevity of the stalks as I weaved them. Sanada, Renji, I'll bring yours with me to training tomorrow and given that you two have just arrived, Shiraishi-kun and Tezuka get one too.

(ooc: strikes deleted // for the new players, yuki's mental outbursts take the form of the yips, so anyone effected will either get the full gamut - loss of hearing, touch, sight - or just a loss of one)


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