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My sister had me take this quiz as soon as I walked through the door. I am a DEP (Dandelion, Echinacea, Peppermint) – tough, protective, and unflappable. I think that’s pretty spot on. My sister is a CDS (Chamomile, Dandelion, Slippery Elm) – easy-going, tough, talkative. If you know my sister, this is definitely true and she wouldn’t be my sister if she wasn’t the first two.

That was an unexpected trip home. My dad decided to take vacation before my sister started the next term and emailed me a bus ticket home. Like I was going to say no. So I spent a lot of time at the nursery with dad, attempting to stalk my sister on her dates (successful three out of five tries), and trying to ignore the occasional tingling in my legs fixing up the garden. My step-mom is pretty handy with herbs, but not the flowers my dad tends to bring home. Of course, I made flower crowns for my sister and her friends for some group date thing. (This was one of the ones in which I wasn’t successful.)

I also taught Sanada’s sister-in-law how to make a few vegetarian meals if only because it’s amusing to hear his brother whine about not getting enough meat in his diet. Sasuke and I fed the koi. It’s amazing how easily he does what you tell him when you threaten to tell on him to his mom if he acts up. Poked at the garden while Sanada’s grandfather played shogi. Neither him nor his opponent seemed particularly bothered when I had the wisteria bloom a bit more. Sanada’s mom was thrilled though. Apparently, it wasn’t blooming as well this year for some reason. All good now though.

Niou, I brought you back treats. They're on your bed.

And I'm certain now that your brother gets his sappiness from you. My sister showed me the poems he wrote for her. Oh my gods were they cavity-inducing.

Sanada, your mom gave me new kendogi for you and your grandfather wanted me to remind you that there's a dan exam coming up if you wanted to test for your next level. I told him you'd probably skip it, but he insisted I say something anyway. He really likes the sake saucer you got him while we were in Kanazawa. Sasuke hasn't managed to find or break it yet, so that's something. Also, I'd apologize for your brother's upcoming complaining about vegetarian food, but I'm not really that sorry.


Dad asked how I was doing since it was almost fall. I thought about lying for a moment, but asked him to make sure the wheelchair was in working order for the next time I came home. As much as I want to think I can convince the Hephaestus cabin to make working power-braces for my legs and not have them hurt me… I’m not entirely sure. He always looks incredibly upset when I tell him to prepare for it, but it’s not his fault. It’s technically my mom’s, but mostly Hades’. He ended up staying mostly quiet that day when we went to the nursery, like I knew he would. It’s almost tempting to try heading into the underworld and finding the Lake of Mnemosyne. That would take away all his worries.

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