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I got so distracted with the coming of spring that I missed my close friend's birthday. I'm terribly sorry, Shiraishi, but I hope the gift I have for you more than makes up for it.

In other news, I spoke with my sister. She's still with her boyfriend. They're happy, so I'm happy. She let me know that all my flowers are doing well and that my step-mom hasn't killed any. Though, I'm pretty sure that's because my dad nicely convinced her to let him handle it.

I also got to talk to him. He wanted to know how it was here, did I get to see the sakura, how Sanada and I were doing, if I was going to come to visit soon, whether or not I'd ever get to come back home permanently, how my paintings were progressing... I didn't make any promises about coming to visit though I did say I was hoping to do so in the near future.

I'm not sorry I let the sakura stick around a bit longer than usual. They're just too beautiful to let go after only a couple of weeks.

(ooc: yuki got shira oleander seeds - every part of the plant is toxic :D // strikes deleted)
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In honor of the first day of spring aka the day I really start to feel like myself, I decided to exercise my abilities since they're stronger.

I took the blue delphinium seeds Shiraishi gave me for my birthday and brought them into full bloom this morning. They're so beautiful. I absolutely love them.

Tezuka, we're still up for a spar tomorrow, right?
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The trip back home was nice. It was so good to see my dad. Plus, I was terribly homesick for some reason. Of course, my sister was absolutely thrilled to see Sanada. I'm convinced she likes him more than me.

Sanada's grandfather liked the pottery I got for him from when I was in Kyoto. I had sent something after I got back, but I kept some just in case Sasuke proved to be a walking typhoon. This time I threatened to break his Playstation if he broke or killed anything. I gave Sanada's mom some Alstroemeria and tended to the plants that Sasuke hadn't destroyed.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. A bit short, but there's really nothing I could have done about it.

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Christmas was great even though most of the food was terrible. The desserts were fantastic, so thank you Mizuki and the rest of the Demeter cabin. New Year's Eve wasn't too bad either. I think I expected something to happen. Like a cabin catching fire or Tooyama breaking through a cabin roof. I don't know. It just felt a little underwhelming.

My sister told me all about her New Year's Eve date with Niou's brother when we had a Facebook chat the other night. Everything in excruciating detail. I should have recorded it and made you listen to it, Niou. It was absolutely dreadful.

Shiraishi, how do you feel about solar panels on the greenhouse roof? Only in certain areas, so the plants still receive all the sun they need.

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I really don't like that this time of year is the busiest for my dad. I thought about going home for a bit over Chrismas, but it's just a bad time. Plus, my sister and Niou's brother are going to be doing cutesy couple things and ugh, do not want to be around that. Also, my step-mom's family is visiting and it's always super awkward. They have no idea what to make of me. I'm pretty sure they think I'm weak considering the whole wheelchair things since they've never seen me when I'm 100%. Ah well, their loss. At least they can't be upset that their poinsettias are slowly dying. It's a really neat party trick, watching them flip out over the flowers dying. I only put life back into them because dad tells me to.

Niou, when do you want to go to the cat cafe?

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(ooc: all strikes deleted // since it was niou's 20th birthday on the 4th, the other half of yuki's gift was getting niou's family to come to the nearby town to celebrate it)
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To my second most favorite person in the world that isn't related to me by blood: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I know you're probably spending your birthday with Tezuka, so I'd like to steal you for a little bit on Sunday, if that's okay with you. I left part of your present in your nest, but you'll get the other part when we celebrate your birthday.

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(ooc: the first gift is a voucher for 10000Y to a cat cafe in tokyo so niou can drag tezuka there -- if he so chooses)
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We get a power boost, which is great, but really? No control? I really don't like not being in control. This is bullshit. I might as well just stay in my cabin and prevent anyone from coming around me since I have no way of making sure not to use umbrakinesis on the people I actually like.

Tokyo was awesome. Sanada didn't electrocute anyone, but he did complain about the authenticity of the outfits at the photo place. I totally expected that and dressed up anyway. I kind of like the ponytail they put my hair into, so I put it up again while I did some painting and it works really well when paired with my headband.

Halloween was mostly good. Oshitari... you did a good job on the costume. I'm not sorry for punching you though.

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(ooc: in case you want to know, sanada & yukimura went here on thursday // strikes/private are hackable if zaizen tries hard enough)
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If I had received feedback sooner, we totally could've been home within like three days. That probably would've gotten some kind of recognition. Maybe. Doubt it. Whatever. We're home, that gorgeous kimono is dust in the wind (literally), and I totally got to do things my way got to test out some fantastic new equipment. I have presents for people. Come to my cabin to get them.

Oh, and I came home to something really awesome.

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(ooc: STRIKES DELETED // GIFTS: fuji: cactus; niou: shiny blue hair things & some candies from kyoto; sanada: yukata 1 and yukata 2; kirihara: candy from kyoto; zaizen: mochi from kyoto; mizuki: this higasa; echizen-sensei: kyoto sake; shiraishi: a narcissus plant - b/c it’s poisonous)
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Kyoto is beautiful this time of year. I'm really glad I brought my sketch book. There is a ton of inspiration. See?

Private to Tezuka, Hirakoba )
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The area we stopped at for the night only has one good thing going for it: picturesque. Other than that, it's boring and I'm not nearly as warm as I would prefer to be. Why couldn't Sanada be on this quest?

On the plus side, only two monsters. That wasn't even a warm-up.

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I hate this stupid season. I don't care if the food is good. I really miss the whole not-feeling-weak thing.

Winter vegetables have been planted. There's still some time left to plant for a early-December harvest, so if there's anything the Demeter cabin or me didn't plant, let us know. This year we have:

- Swiss chard
- Sugar snap peas
- Kale
- Cauliflower
- Cabbage (Napa, Red, Savoy, Hakusai)
- Pak choi
- Mustard (Komatsuna, Mizuna)
- Daikon
- Jagaimo
- Kabu
- Yam
- Gourds (squash, pumpkin)
- Karashina
- Adzuki beans (as requested by Zaizen)


Niou, are you feeling better?


Happy birthday, Kirihara.

(ooc: strikes deleted // yuki got kirihara some pokemon thing -- you can decide what)
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My sister had me take this quiz as soon as I walked through the door. I am a DEP (Dandelion, Echinacea, Peppermint) – tough, protective, and unflappable. I think that’s pretty spot on. My sister is a CDS (Chamomile, Dandelion, Slippery Elm) – easy-going, tough, talkative. If you know my sister, this is definitely true and she wouldn’t be my sister if she wasn’t the first two.

That was an unexpected trip home. My dad decided to take vacation before my sister started the next term and emailed me a bus ticket home. Like I was going to say no. So I spent a lot of time at the nursery with dad, attempting to stalk my sister on her dates (successful three out of five tries), and trying to ignore the occasional tingling in my legs fixing up the garden. My step-mom is pretty handy with herbs, but not the flowers my dad tends to bring home. Of course, I made flower crowns for my sister and her friends for some group date thing. (This was one of the ones in which I wasn’t successful.)

I also taught Sanada’s sister-in-law how to make a few vegetarian meals if only because it’s amusing to hear his brother whine about not getting enough meat in his diet. Sasuke and I fed the koi. It’s amazing how easily he does what you tell him when you threaten to tell on him to his mom if he acts up. Poked at the garden while Sanada’s grandfather played shogi. Neither him nor his opponent seemed particularly bothered when I had the wisteria bloom a bit more. Sanada’s mom was thrilled though. Apparently, it wasn’t blooming as well this year for some reason. All good now though.

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Dad's been busy lately, so I haven't gotten anything new lately, which is both annoying and helpful. Annoying in that I want to try different things; helpful in that I can train with the stuff he's already sent. For example, I've managed to make the thorny vines actually release their thorns. I haven't tried this in training or combat, so I don't know how fast they go. Maybe it depends on my mental state when I decide to release them.

Six weeks. Spring and summer have gone by way too fast for my liking.

I'm considering making a quick trip home after Obon. Maybe a long weekend or something when my dad is more available. As much as I love the nursery, it's not as much fun if he's not there helping too. Though, I suppose I could just crash my sister's dates and make sure the plants at Sanada's house haven't been destroyed by Sasuke the Tornado.

Screened to Niou )

I'm bored. Someone entertain me before I try to turn camp into a tall grass maze filled with traps.

(ooc: strikes unhackable/deleted)
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My dad sent me some new seeds and before our abilities went away I was trying to grow this Hoya vine. With the whole burst of energy after we got them back, this happened.

Hoya! )
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My dad has been tending to my azaleas since I can't be there and they finally bloomed. I was slightly concerned they wouldn't since I was having trouble with them the last time I went home.

Azaleas! )


Lately I've been doing more endurance and weapons training. After reading Kuwahara's post, I decided to try working with short-range weaponry considering that my abilities allow for more long-range combat. If anyone wants to practice with me, I'd appreciate the help.

(ooc: pic source 1 & 2)
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(ooc: yukimura exhausted himself growing a pine tree from a cone he "borrowed" from the gardens at Kenroku-en when they were in Kanazawa -- that's why he's been relatively quiet lately)
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Considering I was saved from the Worm Epidemic of 2015, I thought it would be a good time to post more pictures from our Kanazawa trip.

Day 1 )

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Kanazawa is absolutely beautiful. It's been raining off and on since Sanada and I have been here, but the sun has poked out here and there. The sakura are really happy. It's hard not to influence them staying for longer than they're supposed to. The tourists just think it's lucky. I'm definitely not going to say anything.

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