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Sanada, take care of my plants. The Demeter cabin will handle the crops; you don't need to worry about those. The ones in my cabin though need the most attention.

Please don't kill Niou while I'm gone. It's honestly not a big deal. We'll be back before you know it. I promise.

Oh, and in the event Niou attempts to lock you out of my cabin, I wrote down the access security override code to the automatic door thing and left it in your kendo bag.

Don't let me come back to you having the same color hair as Niou, okay?


Niou, I've written down the schedule for my plants. Sanada has it too and you'll let him in the cabin to take care of them or whatever else he wants to do. Don't let Bon-kun eat the plants. I'll put the ones that are dangerous for him up out of his reach, but still try to keep a close eye on him. Also, he's not allowed in my bed.

Don't worry about Tezuka. I'll make sure he comes back in one piece. I promise not to harm him in any way, shape, or form.

Try and breathe, okay? It's not a dangerous quest.
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