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I hate this stupid season. I don't care if the food is good. I really miss the whole not-feeling-weak thing.

Winter vegetables have been planted. There's still some time left to plant for a early-December harvest, so if there's anything the Demeter cabin or me didn't plant, let us know. This year we have:

- Swiss chard
- Sugar snap peas
- Kale
- Cauliflower
- Cabbage (Napa, Red, Savoy, Hakusai)
- Pak choi
- Mustard (Komatsuna, Mizuna)
- Daikon
- Jagaimo
- Kabu
- Yam
- Gourds (squash, pumpkin)
- Karashina
- Adzuki beans (as requested by Zaizen)


Niou, are you feeling better?


Happy birthday, Kirihara.

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My sister had me take this quiz as soon as I walked through the door. I am a DEP (Dandelion, Echinacea, Peppermint) – tough, protective, and unflappable. I think that’s pretty spot on. My sister is a CDS (Chamomile, Dandelion, Slippery Elm) – easy-going, tough, talkative. If you know my sister, this is definitely true and she wouldn’t be my sister if she wasn’t the first two.

That was an unexpected trip home. My dad decided to take vacation before my sister started the next term and emailed me a bus ticket home. Like I was going to say no. So I spent a lot of time at the nursery with dad, attempting to stalk my sister on her dates (successful three out of five tries), and trying to ignore the occasional tingling in my legs fixing up the garden. My step-mom is pretty handy with herbs, but not the flowers my dad tends to bring home. Of course, I made flower crowns for my sister and her friends for some group date thing. (This was one of the ones in which I wasn’t successful.)

I also taught Sanada’s sister-in-law how to make a few vegetarian meals if only because it’s amusing to hear his brother whine about not getting enough meat in his diet. Sasuke and I fed the koi. It’s amazing how easily he does what you tell him when you threaten to tell on him to his mom if he acts up. Poked at the garden while Sanada’s grandfather played shogi. Neither him nor his opponent seemed particularly bothered when I had the wisteria bloom a bit more. Sanada’s mom was thrilled though. Apparently, it wasn’t blooming as well this year for some reason. All good now though.

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My dad sent me some new seeds and before our abilities went away I was trying to grow this Hoya vine. With the whole burst of energy after we got them back, this happened.

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The cosmos broke through the soil. It's the tiniest little green sprout. I'm trying not to influence it to grow on purpose. I'd like to see how long it takes without my nudging pushing it along. Granted, I can't exactly prevent anything from happening if my good mood spreads out.

Shiraishi-kun, I asked my dad to pick out a variety of iris bulbs and send them to me without labels. I like surprises. He's also sending the others I mentioned if you want any of those.

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Spent the entire day in the garden. My step-mom is getting quite good at cultivating the azaleas, but I think that might be more my dad's influence than mine. We went to the nursery after my dad got off work and spoke to the owners. I wish I could volunteer again, but I don't get to come home often enough to do it. That said, they're more than happy to fulfill my weird plant desires. I will probably be bringing back a Venus flytrap with me.

Dad's also going to take me to his office over the weekend to look at what he's been working on. I think he's stuck on something and thinks I can help. I've never really seen what he does since there's not like, billboards and stuff at camp. It's kind of exciting.

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Niou and I are making a surprise visit home for our sibling's junior high graduation. Lucky them that they actually got to attend their graduation instead of being at camp. I can't wait to see them though, I haven't since I went home in September. Skype just doesn't make up for it. Plus, dad said we could go to the nursery. They've got a small shipment of chocolate cosmos bulbs on the way and are pretty sure they'll arrive while I'm there. I've been wanting one so long. Best belated birthday present ever.

Sanada, Mizuki-kun, Shiraishi-kun, Fuji-kun... can I count on you all to watch over my plants while I'm away? I have the watering cycle written up and I've spent the last few weeks reorganizing my plants so it'll be easier to make sure none of them get under or over watered. I set the lights on a timer for the ones that need the sun but can't yet be put outside. If there's anything I can pick up for you while I'm in the Yokohama area, just let me know.

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The path to the main building is lined with red poinsettias and the Ice Age tulips. Don't let your pets eat them. I won't be held responsible if they get poisoned since I warned you in advance. I managed to get some ivy to grow up the columns and curl slightly around some of the lights.

Atobe-kun, I planted a few of the Ice Age tulips around your cabin. Please try not to cover them in ice. Mizuki-kun, how are the ones I gave you holding up?

My dad sent a few more bulbs, but he didn't label them. His letter said the nursery owners wanted to play a little game with me since they haven't seen me in awhile. My dad has the answers and told me I have until Christmas to give him my guesses. It's kind of amusing, but a good exercise. I kind of wish I could go home for the holidays, but my sister is going on a school trip to Niseko and my dad's been working too much a lot, so there's not much of a point if I don't get to see them.

I also got all the presents I'm giving out, so if you're going home for the holidays, come see me and I'll give it to you early.
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The worst part about winter is the lack of naturally-blossoming flowers. I've taken it upon myself to change that. At least here at camp. I asked my dad for some suggestions and he sent a few bulbs of three different flowers that he thought would work well in the soil here with a little help from yours truly.

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Right now, I've only planted them around my cabin, but if anyone wants some, let me know and I'll put some around yours or give you a bouquet.


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There are only a few redheads at camp, so I feel safe in calling out the two that completely trampled my patch of begonias. Tooyama-kun, Kamio-kun, hide you are very lucky that they aren't dead. Though, it is bothersome how quick you are to killing living things, Kamio-kun. I think a lesson in simple common sense is appropriate for you both. Come by my cabin later today.

In non-plant-stomping related news, the zucchini and squash have ripened and I dropped off a huge basket of them at the Demeter cabin and another at the mess hall. I figure more pumpkin isn't necessary now that the quest is over. That said, I have quite a few that would be perfect for carving. If you want one, just come over and pick one out.

Sanada, Renji what are you two going as for Halloween?

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I've considerably calmed down now that my bathroom is in proper working order now. To a select few of you, I apologize if there were any ill-effects from my mental outburst.

It looks as though the plants are getting the proper amount of water thanks to Atobe-kun. I think your tutelage helped greatly, Fuji-kun.

That said, I've been trying to keep my hands busy since a portion of my daily gardening has been borrowed. I made flower crowns for a few of you, mainly to test the strength and longevity of the stalks as I weaved them. Sanada, Renji, I'll bring yours with me to training tomorrow and given that you two have just arrived, Shiraishi-kun and Tezuka get one too.

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