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I have a sibling that isn't my sister. That's all I have to say about that. I'd apologize if any of you lost your senses for a bit, but I'm not in the least bit sorry.

It took some time, but I managed to move all of the plants and my art supplies. After so long with no siblings, I kind of completely took over the cabin. He had a bed until I finished which is more than generous if I do say. On the plus side, I found a few sketchbooks that I thought I had lost, three sets of watercolors, and the sable hair brushes my sister got me a couple of years ago for my birthday. Since the acrylics are still drying, I'm going to play around with some techniques I've been reading about.

I can't believe Renji left. He's a jerk for not telling me in advance. I emailed Renji and totally reamed him for it. Truthfully, I think he's doing something stupid with that book I brought back for him and lake Mnemosyne. Fruitless questing.

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Tooyama-kun, I do hope you're okay. You sounded fine, but I'm worried I might have dislocated your ankle or something given the vine treatment you experienced.

Sanada, Renji, Niou. Weekly Disney movie night in my cabin. We can start with the good ones like Tarzan, The Lion King, Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, etc. This week can be Hercules. Seems appropriate, don't you think?

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Thank you so much for delivering the canvases to my sister, Kamio-kun.

I think she really liked them because she sent me an electric blanket. Who told her Sanada wasn't here? It's been useful, but hard to tell if I've kept it on too long, so I've been limiting myself to an hour at a time. Mainly only during times when I'm painting.

Filled up another sketchbook. Granted, there's more than a few pages of fruit still-lifes, but I used colored pencil this time around which worked out pretty well even though the subject material was boring. This year I want to do some work with living canvases. Dad sent me some new acrylics. When it gets warmer, I'll need a few volunteers. If you have a broad back, I'd really appreciate if you let me paint on you.

Oh, Mizuki-kun, those mochi were absolutely delicious and very easy to manipulate into little faces. Could I get a mini batch?

Edit: Renji, have you come out of the library yet? I miss you.

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There are only a few redheads at camp, so I feel safe in calling out the two that completely trampled my patch of begonias. Tooyama-kun, Kamio-kun, hide you are very lucky that they aren't dead. Though, it is bothersome how quick you are to killing living things, Kamio-kun. I think a lesson in simple common sense is appropriate for you both. Come by my cabin later today.

In non-plant-stomping related news, the zucchini and squash have ripened and I dropped off a huge basket of them at the Demeter cabin and another at the mess hall. I figure more pumpkin isn't necessary now that the quest is over. That said, I have quite a few that would be perfect for carving. If you want one, just come over and pick one out.

Sanada, Renji what are you two going as for Halloween?

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Happy birthday Kirihara-kun. I hope you don't mind that I didn't give you anything yesterday when I came back to camp. I figured doing it today would be better. There was also that surprise party that completely threw me off. We can spar whenever you'd like.

Sanada, Renji, Niou - I have things for you. Come by later.

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Most of my visit home has revolved around tending to the garden, volunteering at the nursery with my dad, and helping my sister with her schoolwork. We did go to Tokyo the day after I got home. I'm going to have to borrow one of my dad's suitcases to bring it all back. Now is one of those times when I wish I was a wizard instead of a demigod. I'd be able to make the load lighter.

Unfortunately, my doctor's appointment has led to an extended stay while they poke and prod. Under normal circumstances, this level of paralysis wouldn't happen until the beginning of December. I wonder if Hades would accept a gift of creeping vines that my mom could then manipulate to choke him to death in his sleep. Regardless, dad has rebuffed their suggestions of surgery. Dad and I both know that it's not going to fix anything, but he's humored them long enough that I'll be released on Friday to "convalesce" (their words, not mine) until I come home next Wednesday.

I hope you've watered my plants according to their schedule, Niou. Oh, Ibu-kun, the grapevines should be ready for harvesting too if you wanted to make wine from them. Mizuki-kun's been looking over the strawberries, so you could probably make something from that too.


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I talked to my dad about things and he thinks it would be a good idea to come home for a couple of weeks. Just to see if maybe my doctors there can do something. We both know it won't, but I imagine he feels a little better about the entire thing if he attempts to do something. On the plus side, I get to see my little sister.

In my absence, I humbly request that no one kill my plants. Shiraishi-kun, Mizuki-kun, Fuji-kun... if you would be so kind as to look over the outdoor plants, I would be very appreciative. Niou, I trust you to take care of the ones in my cabin since I assume you'll stay there while I'm gone to keep the bed warm for my return. I will miss you and your warmth.


Oshitari Yuushi, you will come to my cabin some time this evening. I have to talk to you.


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Congratulations, Shiraishi-kun! I know it's been a long time coming.
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I've considerably calmed down now that my bathroom is in proper working order now. To a select few of you, I apologize if there were any ill-effects from my mental outburst.

It looks as though the plants are getting the proper amount of water thanks to Atobe-kun. I think your tutelage helped greatly, Fuji-kun.

That said, I've been trying to keep my hands busy since a portion of my daily gardening has been borrowed. I made flower crowns for a few of you, mainly to test the strength and longevity of the stalks as I weaved them. Sanada, Renji, I'll bring yours with me to training tomorrow and given that you two have just arrived, Shiraishi-kun and Tezuka get one too.

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Welcome back, Sanada, Oshitari-kun #1, and Oshitari-kun #2. It's nice to see you all in one piece. The branch you picked is quite aesthetically pleasing. I wonder if it is still available to draw. The picture does not do it justice.

Renji, I need a favor that requires your patience.

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Oshitari-kun, I finished the sets and everything is in order for the play. Hopefully, you will be back before opening curtain on Saturday. It would be a shame, but I suppose we could always push it back another week. The rehearsals I've listened in on have been quite good. I imagine you know that already with your brigade of Aphrodite spies. Next year, we should do "Taming of the Shrew" and you should be the shrew, Oshitari-kun. It's only fitting.

All of the melons are nearing the point where they can be eaten. I admit to helping them along somewhat, but I really wanted cantaloupe the other day. There will probably be a plethora of fruit salads added to our meals for the next few weeks once they're completely ripe.

Niou, do you want to see the sketchbook from our last rendezvous? I think you'll enjoy it.

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Happy birthday Renji!!!

This would've come sooner, but double training is exhausting. I probably shouldn't have made that kind of deal with Genichirou. What was I thinking?

Whenever you wake up, just meet Sanada and I at the edge of the courtyard and we can start your celebrations.

(ooc: strikes deleted // yukimura got him a super nice fountain pen, some notebooks that he hopes renji doesn't burn in offering to his mom, and green tea cake via marui)
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I spent most of the weekend painting. Most everything is starting to bud or blossom, which makes for lovely landscape pieces. I plan on sending a few home to my little sister. It would be nice to go visit since it's almost her summer break, but I'm not sure that's the wisest idea right now.

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Niou has enlightened me on covering the outsides of my cabin walls with plants without damaging the infrastructure of the cabin itself. You're welcome, Ryuuzaki-sensei.

As you can see in the above picture, it requires a bit of welding. Would anyone in the Hephaestus cabin be willing to assist in the creation? I only want to do the length of one side of the cabin just to see how it goes. It needs to be able to support at least a ton, to be safe, and I'd really like a way to install a watering line on each row.

Renji, since you're wonderful at this sort of thing, I was wondering if you would help me draw up a plan. You'll help me move the heavier stuff, right Sanada? :D


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